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'Here, too, she had a number of beautifully conceived pieces'
Exhibition Sedimentation Sedimentation
Installation, formerly located on the Eyre/Moore Galery website.

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"Washington - Christel Dillbohner at Eyre/Moore Gallery and Suyama Space"

by Frances DeVuono, Artweek, January 2001.
There is a calm beauty to Christel Dillbohner's media pieces, paintings and computer prints. Their elegance is almost disconcerting; one might be tempted to dismiss it as 'easy viewing' (akin to Windham Hill recordings), but that would be a mistake. Similar to the better of those recording artists, she has a legitimate agenda. She is picturing nature at its most sublime. It's an ideological and artistic approach that has a long hallowed history and is arguably still relevant today.
Dillbohner's interest in creating context could be deducted by her concurrent installation at the Suyama Space. Here, too, she had a number of beautifully conceived pieces - a wonderful row of tiny, painted photo collages, three large, hand-constructed pods and an impressive, 6-foot high Filter made of hemp. Each one attested to Dillbohner's ability to wrest meaning from materials and form, but the Suyama is a cavernous space. Creating a context in a 1,500 square-foot room with 25-loot high ceilings is a daunting task and Dillbohner's work fared much better in the intimacy of the Eyre/Moore Gallery.
      -- Frances DeVuono
Christel Dillbohner Sedimentation closed December 2 at Eyre/Moore Galery and Suyama Space, Seattle.
      Frances DeVuono is a contributing editor to Artweek.

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