At the Lake - 2016

"In the spring of 2016, I spent eleven days at The Lake, a solitary artist's residency at the home and studio of Morris Graves in Norther California. The days were filled with quietude, incitation and prospects. The days were filled with sounds from the forest, the lake. The ever changing light shrouded this enchanted place in mystery." At the Lake.

The ISSUU online publication 'Blickwechsel' - 2013

...a residency at kampstogether in Cologne, Germany, November 2013.
"Here you'll find an inventory of visually associations and connections which occurred during the residency. These notes from the field take measures of a poetic artistic world." Blickwechsel.

From an Excursion to East Anglia - 2005

A group of associates of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry followed W.G. Sebald accounts in the "Rings of Saturn" on foot.
"28 October 2004: Finally! I am able to sit down to write the first draft of my travel log to East Anglia. For the last two weeks, I have kept hold of my impressions, trying to reconnect with the experiences before they got lost in the usual din. Now, I am surrounded by maps, photos, ..." PDF more
Sri Lanka

Poya Days - a Sri Lankan Travelogue, 2002

"It's Sunday afternoon when we make the journey from the airport to the City of Colombo. The warm moist air, the scent of flowers in decay and gasoline fumes engulf us. The 4-lane road passes through one village after another. The driver weaves with terrifying speed ..." PDF more

World Found - 1998

Travel notes from a trip to Australia
"In the beginning of May 1998 I travelled for 2 weeks through Australia. 2 weeks are not enough for any continent, but I received a good overview and developed ideas how to plan future travels and sojourns to the Australian continent.
      My co-traveler and artist's college Suzanne who suggested this trip into the land down under (she had received a travel grant to study the art and the way of living and survival of the Aborigines) had to return sooner to the US because of ..." PDF more

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