Works on Paper 2016

Missives from The Lake

Since 1964, The Lake had been Morris Graves's home and studio. Before Graves died in 2001 he created the Morris Graves Foundation to support an artists' retreat - a place for rest, inspiration, work and contemplation.
      The 6-acre lake is surrounded by 147 acres of pristine, forested land. Grave's long-time assistant Robert Yarber, who has tended to the grounds and gardens for 43 years, and his wife Desirée who has been living for almost 20 years at The Lake are the directors of the Foundation.
My gratitude goes to Desirée and Robert for granting me eleven days at The Lake. Days filled with quietude, incitation and prospects. Days filled with sounds from the forest, the lake. The ever changing light shrouded this enchanted place in mystery.

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